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Social Justice & Change Through Training and Conversation 

Welcome to our Unlimited‚Äč Training 

Are you ready to set your team up for success from the beginning? If your team needs training that they connect with and fuel their love and passion for kids, you are in the right place.  We will be offering Unlimited training for your center or family center for one year. We will be offering this program to 12 groups to test out our new program. 

Cost: $1200.00 for the year  

Monthly Service


Per Year 

Best Package Offer

Over 120 Hours of Training 

Guides and Resources 

Leadership Tips 

Meetings and Conferences

If you are interested click the button below and fill out the form to speak with one of our enrollment advisors to gain access to these courses

I Want Access

Unlimited training 

Your team will complete access to your whole team. No matter if you have 5 or 25 educators. Your new employees can get access to the course right away. 


Our training is online and your team will have asses to our live course on Facebook and Openlearning. These courses are flexible and user-friendly. 


Your team will have access to one of our online conferences which will be jammed packed with resources, conversation, and passion.

Career Development 

Your team will have access to our new employee training, career development, and support groups that focus on wellness and mental health. 

Guides and Resources 

Your team will also have access to guides and resources that help educators develop the knowledge, confidence and have access to content to develop their classroom.  

Director and leadership development workshops and interviews

Our team recognizes that leadership is important because it helps create a healthy culture and decreases burnout. We are making a section dedicated to leaders in training, management, and directors.  


Active training is the foundation of a successful educator's journey. Because they are faced with so many challenges we need to prepare them with tools to face new challenges.  

Stephaine Courtney M.Ed