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Social Justice & Change Through Training and Conversation 

Project-based Learning For adults  

Let's grow together 

Black Maternal Health Week 

April 11th through 17th 

Movie and conversation 

Art Exhibit tickets


Past Projects 

Learn to Create your own online course

September 2020 

Follow your dream and passion. Share your knowledge with the world. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a course in two platforms Google form and OpenLearning . Join us for an exciting step toward your dream and create with others.   

To learn more and join

Podcast opportunity to share your story about infertility and pregnancy 

Aug 2020 

In this podcast series, we are going to be exploring fertility and pregnancy. I want to invite you on a journey that is personal. Our goal is to create better support systems for people who are going through something very similar. We are going to hear from amazing people all over the country who want to share their story and how it affected their career, marriage, family, and mental health. If you are interested in being a part of this podcast please check out the link below.

Email us if you are interested at [email protected] 

Podcast Opportunity: Share your life story and what you wait people to never forget 

Submissions due September 

Everyone has a story, but what is their story? How did they get to where they are today? A lot of times when we think about a person's journey we neglect to ask important questions that will help build the way we look at our future. Many people over the last year I have met have amazing stories that they want to make sure that their families never forget. We are going to capture those stories right here on the learning project on our podcast. If you are interested or someone you know is interested in being a part of this segment please feel free to reach out to us with the link below.

Email us if you are interested at [email protected] 

Let the Teachers Speak! Writing an article 

Due September 14th 

You can never talk too much and you can never be loud enough. Let the teachers speak is an article based project that we are hosting for adult Learners who want to share inspiration with other Educators around the world. Many people think that an educator has to be someone that is in a brick-and-mortar this is not what we are talking about. We are encouraging those that are teachers in business, leadership, social work, and many other fields that impact children's lives to come forth and write a small blurb about their Journey or something that inspires them so that it can inspire others. If you are interested please click on the submission link below and fill out the form. We can't wait to let you speak to thousands across the world.

Submit your article here: Submission 

How Programs build strong Leaders? 

Submission for September 2020

Do you remember your first after-school activities and how it impacted your daily experience and your life? Today many after-school programs will be completely eliminated due to the pandemic that is taking place. These programs provide a safe space, support, and opportunities for leadership in some cases they build a family. We are going to hear from some of the most amazing programs that have impacted people in their leadership styles. We are also going to be interviewing all different types of programs that work with children so that you can learn about the importance of support. COVID can take many things, but it will not take our children's future.

Email us if you are interested at [email protected]