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Social Justice & Change Through Training and Conversation 

Road Trip Training: The Leadership Challenge (Level 1)

About this Training 

Listen to the training 

The first step in this training is to listen or watch our training on Anchor or Youtube. This free training is going to challenge you to look at your career plans and professionalism in the workplace. 

Start Date: May 1st through May 31st

S.TA.R.S. hours: 1

Listen and watch 

Listen only through 


Complete the Assessment 

In this assessment, you will be required to take a career assessment and then share your takeaways in the answers. This activity will be completed through Google Form. This assessment can be completed on your phone, tablet, or complete in Google Chrome. 


Workbook for Training 

Download this workbook for this course. It has all the information need to help you pass the course.


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