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Social Justice & Change Through Training and Conversation 

Current Projects 

Welcome to our project board where were highlight problems facing our community. We are focusing on problems that are impacting children, families, and the community.

Girl Get A Doula


This is a free E-book for our community. In 2021 We interview doula’s from all over the country and ask people to share their experiences with a supportive community during, before, and after pregnancy through the partnership of a doula. In this E-book, you can read and listen to pieces of our podcast. We how that this E-book touches you and helps you to grow and learn.

Why is this important?

According to Every Mother’s Count, “Doulas can be particularly beneficial for women of color and women from low-income and underserved communities and can help reduce health disparities by ensuring that pregnant people who face the greatest risks have the added support they need. “

The Power of the Doula


This E-Book is an educational guide to help the community understand the power of support. What is a doula and what do they do? This is a great educational guide to help us understand how people can receive support after death, during birth or postpartum stage, or for adoptive families. Enjoy this book and learn how support is the key to making a change in individuals’ lives.

Why is this important?

According to Every Mother Counts, “...doula support has the potential to reduce health disparities and improve health equity. But for women in low-income communities living in maternal toxic zones, doula care is often out of reach due to financial constraints and the limited availability of doulas in their communities.”

Healing through Colors: Melanin Mom’s Coloring Book

Healing through Colors is a project that is focused create content that is breaking through the negative narrative. We want women of color to enjoy their pregnancy journey and empower melanin mothers. Part of the funding raised in this project will go toward creating educational resources, trainings/workshops, and a doula network for the community.

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