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Social Justice & Change Through Training and Conversation 

Healing in Coloring

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Melanin Mom's Coloring Book 

Black women are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than White women. Multiple factors contribute to these disparities, such as variation in quality healthcare, underlying chronic conditions, structural racism, and implicit bias. Social determinants of health have historically prevented many people from racial and ethnic minority groups from having fair opportunities for economic, physical, and emotional health."

Did you know that black women have the highest death rate of pregnancy-related deaths in America?

According to the C.D.C. "

Statistics like these can cause a lot of stress and anxiety we want to change the narrative and conversation for brown and black mothers in the art.

Healing through Colors: Melanin Mom’s Coloring Book

Healing through Colors is a project that is focused create content that is breaking through the negative narrative. We want women of color to enjoy their pregnancy journey and empower melanin mothers. Part of the funding raised in this project will go toward creating educational resources, trainings/workshops, and a doula network for the community.

Melanin Mom's Coloring Book

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