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Our Approach

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Hi, I'm Stephaine.

Stephaine Courtney, M.Ed. 

Trainer and Developer

I'm on a mission to help educators and directors in Early Childhood Education to be their best and allow them to be role models for the children they serve.

At my core, I believe in inspiration, motivation, and developing the skills needed to create meaning, desire, and bring impact as we become agents of change.

In my journey as an educator, consultant, trainer, and speaker, Early Childhood Education is an often overlooked and underrated field. It is valuable to dedicate affordable training and workshops for educators to reduce any barriers toward growth and receive the tools they need.

"The aim of education is growth:

The aim of growth is more growth."

-John Dewey

Education & Certifications

WA State Certified Trainer

Google Educator Certified

Google Educator Certified

Early Childhood Education Game Changer

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