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Welcome Let's Learn together 

30-hour training

Welcome to our TLP course and services. We are a group of learners and researchers who are passionate about creating a learning experience that embraces teachers to reflect and grow in their teaching practices. 

Our courses are affordable and connected with coaching to help educators throughout the training.

Step 1: Get a Merit account and get a S.T.A.R.S. ID number.  

Step 2: Sign up for the 30-hour course. Remember each course is for 28 days. Educators complete the course in 4 days).

Step 3: After signing up, a link from OpenLearning will come to your email and you then can enter the class or go to to enter the class.  

30 Hours basic 

child care  

​S.T.A.R..S. TRAIning

30 Hours STARS Training The Child Care Basics course is designed to prepare early learning professionals caring for children​ to be knowledgeable of child development, resourceful in planning activities, skilled in guiding behavior, and able to maintain healthy environments. Child Care Basics is based on the Washington State Core Competencies for Early Care and Education Professionals as the foundation. Interactive learning activities, video clips, discussion questions, and additional resources provide a variety of learning opportunities. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs and licensing requirements of both child care center staff and family home child care providers. All staff members are required to complete this training.

Center Directors and Management of any centers can call, email, and text about a student's progression with the confirmation of S.T.A.R.S ID number. 


Payment information 

Attention if you are having trouble with payment please contact our office at (509) 217-2993. 

START DATE:06/03/2021

END DATE: 06/28/2021

LAST DAT TO ENROLL: 06/21/2021

Join our JUNE  20121 course​ 



About the Course

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